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Robert & Helen Cobcroft, Morningside

Renovation to a small original workers cottage circa 1900s

Small original workers cottage circa 1900s on a long narrow block in Morningside, Brisbane.
The original workers cottage offered charm but very little room for Robert‘s expanding photography business.  He wanted a separate studio where is could define his work life separate from his home life and use for client photo shoots.
  1. The clients remained living in the house during the build.
  2. The existing cottage was old, and required a lot of work to re-level and repair before the contemporary ground level extension could be commenced.
  3. The site was low lying with unstable ground where surface flooding had been a problem.
  4. Very little access to rear of the house, a single path either side.
  1. We fenced off zones to maintain separate access to building works and the residential areas.
  2. We upgraded the specification to ensure foundation works to the new and old house would be stable.
  3. We installed new drainage with sufficient pipes and falls and to handle the volume of water.
  4. We arranged with a neighbour to access site for the construction period, and made good to all areas once finished.
  5. We maintained regular dialogue with the client with to discuss design and construction details and changes, and gain commitment and approval.
The finished home is one of contrast – the original workers cottage façade meeting a stunning contemporary extension, supported by a separate photography studio at the rear.

It works well and always surprises and delights visitors as they move from the front of the house to the back.


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