Why We Love Building and Renovating

We’re a family business and we’ve been in the building game for many years. What we enjoy most is breathing new life into a tired old house so a new generation can love it, like the first one did.

Brisbane Builders

“With every project I take on, I have two favourite moments.  The first is when I lay eyes on the property for the first time.  This is when the creative juices kick in and I can see the possibilities – what I could do to transform the house into a lovely home.  The second moment – the best one – is at handover, when the family sees their “new” home.  Their excitement is by far the best reward for all the long hours and hard work.”

“I treat every project like it’s my home and I want the best quality possible. Renovating can be very stressful if you’ve not been through it before. The mess, unforeseen issues that may crop up, the process, the numerous decisions – are all factors which can cause stress for home owners.  Delivering quality work and maintaining regular communication from start to finish is part of our core values.  Building or renovating a home should be an exciting time, not a heartache. We do our best to make sure it’s exciting, not stressful.” Richard Wilson

A dedicated family man, Richard is supported in the business by his talented and long loyal team of trade specialists.

A stickler for quality and procedures, Richard personally supervises every project and uses inspections and checklists as part of our process to maintain quality control and ensure nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Whilst always having fun when working, quality and service comes first.

Our Core Values

After years of seeing things happen in the building trade and fixing other’s mistakes, we’ve developed RMW Built Set of Core Values.  Our Values are based on trust, honesty and ethics – and is simply a reflection of how we like to be treated ourselves.

You will receive a very detailed quote, written in plain English so you know exactly what you are getting. Your quote will be a “fixed price” with reasonable PC allowances.
Some builders like to under-quote on jobs just to get the work.  Once started, they start hitting you with “variations” for all sorts of things which you assumed were in the original quote.  Our quote is very detailed and covers everything you asked for at the beginning.  No surprises.
Often during the building process home owners change their minds or decide on something additional they need.  No problem – this is normal!  We’ll try our hardest to accommodate your changes within the scope and budget of the original quote.   If we simply can’t, we’ll explain why and give you a variation quote for your approval before the changes are started.
Choosing materials and fixtures and fittings can be a daunting task, when there is so much choice!  We understand totally and will give you ample time to make project and colour selections, not last minute pressured decisions.
Unlike project builders who “churn” through work we deal with only a small amount of select clients at any one time to ensure consistency of quality.  When we are booked out we don’t take on any more projects. You don’t deal with salesmen or middle men, but with Richard direct.
From keeping you informed of every issue, to using only quality materials (not cheap imports), right through to double checking every measurement and finish – we aim to give you a better process and a better end product than you’ll get from anyone else.  We also work in an environment of constant process improvement so that as a team, we get better and better every day.  It’s what keeps us excited and motivated.
Brisbane Builders
Brisbane Builders

Certification and Insurances

  • QBCC Category 1 license for building and carpentry (Lic. No.: 1054220). We have an exemplary track record with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.
  • We are members of the Housing Industry Association (Lic. No.: 2211985).
  • We have an annual Contract Works and Public and Products Liability Insurance Policy.
  • We regularly update our training and procedures to ensure we all stay fully compliant with the latest Workplace Health and Safety regulations.
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