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Wayne and Liz, Carindale

Renovation to an 80’s style house in Carindale

Wayne and Liz and two teenage boys live in a 80’s style highset house in a quiet cul-de-sac in Carindale.
Their house was starting to look tired and urgently needed updating, reconfiguration to suit their changing family dynamics, and better street appeal.  Requirements included:

  • a parents retreat
  • a teenage chill-out area with large gaming screen
  • guest accommodation
  • a large craft room
  • additional storage
  • a two car garage
  • a flat concrete area for a basketball hoop
  1. The family lived in the house during this major renovation which was challenging, particularly when the entire roof was removed for the second storey extension and roof replacement.
  2. With very little access to the rear of the property it was also difficult to move materials and equipment into the backyard.
  1. The client’s area was fenced off to maintain a clear separation between the building works and the owners area.
  2. Work was staggered to maintain a normal working house during construction, and we delayed daily operations until 7.30am to give them a bit more early morning time.
  3. Roof works were undertaken in small sections to maintain weather protection.
  4. We created temporary access points from the front of house so we didn’t have to go into the existing house until the very end.
Wayne and Liz and Co now live in a stunning, modern 5 bedroom, 3 bath, luxury house, with enhanced street appeal.

This renovations and extensions have given the family “future proofing for their lifestyle for years to come, as well increasing the value of their property.


“We loved the area and didn’t want to move, but our house didn’t suit our family’s needs.  So we engaged Richard to expand and update the dated 70’s look.  The build process went exceptionally well, and there were no surprises. Richard was a pleasure to work with, and the outcome exceeded our expectations.  The quality of the workmanship was outstanding and has stood the test of time. I’d highly recommend RWM Built.” Wayne and Liz Cracem, Carindale
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