Planning – What Needs Renovating?

We feel there’s nothing more exciting than transforming a tired, old, dysfunctional property into a beautiful home – suitable for today’s style of living.

The first step is to determine what you really need –

  • how many bedrooms and bathrooms
  • which rooms need to be bigger or combined
  • do any rooms need dividing
  • where you want storage
  • your outdoor living area needs
  • garages, sheds
  • services requirements (electrical, plumbing, drainage)
  • heating/cooling
  • outdoor and indoor finishes
  • fences, security, access, landscaping

In many cases we have been able to reconfigure existing spaces into a more functional layout, without having to resort to adding an extension. It all depends on your goals, structural limitations and budget.

What is most important is that the services, materials and finishes comply with current codes. We make sure that all renovated work is done to standards that exceed code.

You can have the plans drawn up yourself with your architect/ draftsmanor we can have them done for you by our preferred drafting service.

Styling – Restored, Improved or Modern?

What style of home do you want to end up with?

  • Do you want to restore the original features so each room and the façade reflect the period when the home was built?
  • Would you like to improve a fairly featureless style and give it charm and character?
  • Or would you prefer to modernise it so that the features and layout reflect today’s contemporary open plan layouts and minimalist finishes?

Whatever style you want to achieve – our team of renovation craftsmen will plan and deliver your renovation to meet your specifications.

Examples of Renovations

Here are just some of the many renovations we’ve undertaken in South East Queensland. Well planned and executed renovations can make a world of difference to design and functionality.

Adding new onto the old

Queenslander cottage

Old workers Queenslander cottage with 2 bedrooms, circa 1900’s
on a long narrow block needing more space

Morningside deck

The new extension in Morningside leads into a new kitchen and living area
and a separate photography studio at the rear.

Deck Renovation

Deck Renovation

Old Deck, needed modernisation and extending.

Modern Deck

Architecturally designed deck that is now an asset to the homeowners
creating a new function space which has great views.

Street Appeal Update

Street Appeal

Tired old exterior, roof and carport. Home owner needed more room as the
was a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 carport.

Street Appeal

We enhanced street appeal and increased value by upgrading the roof, building a new 2 car carport and driveway, landscaping, courtyard, front fence, and updated the inside of the home as well.  Hard to know it was the same house…….

Adding a Complete Wing

Holland Park

Holland Park 60’s Style home, that desperately needed more room for the family.

Complete Wing

A modern extension/renovation that added a complete wing to the side boundary
for a large open plan master and spacious office space under.

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